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DISCLAIMER: The following coaches are certified Erotic Blueprint™ coaches. Individual coaches may have other licenses or certifications in various therapeutic modalities. Jaiya, Inc does not verify the authenticity of any other licensure or certification for the coaches listed below. Please contact a coach directly to find out more information about other licenses or certifications.

The basis of our coaching work is based on consent and boundaries. It is imperative that you respect the BP coach when reaching out to them for consultation. BP coaching is not for you if you cannot respect boundaries.

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I am fascinated by relationships and sexuality. That is why I am extremely happy and grateful that I can share with you the wisdom and the tools that took me years, tears, orgasms, and tons of resources to acquire. You will be inspired and supported by my wild loving energy to reconnect with your own heart and wild core.


Ally Jewel is your Sex & Intimacy Coach, she loves helping you create the pleasure-filled amazing sex life you are so deserving of! I empower you to reclaim what you feel may be missing in your sex life! Even for those who feel you may have lost that spark or sexual aliveness, craving more and not certain how to access it again.


Transformational Coach guiding you into your unique pleasure and to step fully into your power. After 20 years in Corporate, I began coaching privately with specializations in clearing emotion-based patterns, relationships, communication, and leadership. The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek.


Hey, I'm Amanda (she/her), a Self-Love Advocate who is dedicated to creating safe spaces for your growth and transformation. My mission is to help you live passionately, shine brightly, and love unconditionally through group programs and 1:1 sessions.


Heartfelt and warm greetings to you, I am so honored and thrilled to introduce myself and for the opportunity to serve this amazing community! In addition to being a certified Erotic Blueprint Breakthrough Coach, I am a licensed Registered Nurse, certified Colon Hydrotherapist, Reiki Healing Practitioner, and a grateful mom of three teenagers. I live in beautiful Colorado and own a healing center in Centennial where I offer healing modalities for detoxifying body, mind, and spirit.


Caitlin V is a sex coach and creator of the Come When You Want method for men who want to develop stamina and confidence so they can last longer in bed.


Candice Leigh is a yogini, Tantrika, Certified Erotic Blueprint Coach, Sexological Bodyworker, somatic sex educator, student of Somatic Experiencing and writer in NYC.


I have been a sex educator for over 15 years. In addition to being certified as an Erotic Blueprint™ coach, my other certifications include Elite Tantra Educator, Somatic Sex Educator, and Sexological Bodyworker. In order to best serve my clients, I weave my eclectic education together with my engineering background to support the unique needs of each client. I am passionate about the science of sexual functioning and I keep up-to-date with the latest scientific facts and findings. I am devoted to helping individuals engineer their unique pathway to pleasure. I work individually and together with my wife, Elizabeth Wood, who is also a Certified Erotic Blueprint Coach and Sexological Bodyworker.


The sensitivity and pain of trauma *can* become a superpower. Surviving can become thriving. Authentic safety, love, and pleasure is the healing balm that makes miraculous healing and awakening possible.


Certified Erotic Blueprint Coach™ + Certified Accelerated Evolution Transformational Coach. As a passionate multidisciplinary artist and creative activist, Gabrielle's work revolves around mindfulness, deep listening, and creating strong connections. Her skill is in helping people feel seen, heard and understood, while inspiring personal growth and self-empowerment. Using a trauma-aware approach, Gabrielle draws upon empathy and understanding, as well as her own personal experiences as a survivor of childhood sexual exploitation, to help navigate the difficult terrain many people have to traverse to heal sexual trauma. Having gained her own freedom from trauma, she believes it is possible for everyone who is ready to do the work.


I free the minds & bodies of women , men, solos & couples using Pleasure As Medicine (aka #VitaminP), so that they can up-level their vibrancy, intimacy, health, wellness and sex to create an even deeper, sweeter connection and a more whole human being. Using certifications in Mindset, Functional Medicine Health Coaching and the Erotic Blueprints™, I walk you from where you are to where you desire to be. From feeling an overall "NO!" to sex, from feeling disconnected from your lover and from struggling to have orgasms to feeling a full body "YES!!" to sex, to feeling a deep heart connection with your lover and to having orgasms or multiple orgasms with ease and full-bodied ecstasy.


’ve been a Certified Erotic Blueprint Coach since 2017. As a mother and wife, I understand the challenges we face trying to get it all done with enough room for our own self care. I help couples & women expand into their own pleasure one step at a time. I support you while you take inspired, imperfect action on your Pleasure Filled Journey!


Rae holds a B.A. in Psychology and is a certified Erotic Blueprint Coach. She has also worked in the biopharmaceutical industry for 20+ years. She is a mother to an amazing high schooler and partner to her loved one of 10 years.


I love helping people overcome the blocks that are inhibiting them from living the life they desire. Whether it is through normalizing communication and connection around sex and intimacy, walking the spirit realms together, adjusting the energy body or enlightening them on how to live a pleasure filled turned on life, my passion is helping them find a new and even better version of themselves. Additionally, I have a trauma background and trauma informed training, so I often help people break through and heal trauma patterns that are showing up in their lives in ways that disrupt them.


Amanda’s a wild card. A lady, a witch, a diva, and the gang. She’s protective and fierce. A lover of movement, creativity, expansion, expression & connection. A server of mind, body, soul. Her empathic, clairsentient & intuitive gifts make her an epic space holder for those who feel unsafe or who have had their boundaries crossed in the past. She is driven by her purpose to create oneness, healing, empowerment & sexual awakening through the transmutation of shame & guilt. She’s honest, edgy, optimistic and charming. Her travels around the world have brought her to a place of loving understanding of the human experience.


I'm Alex Mischka, I'm a Sex, Intimacy and Personal Growth Coach. I help you end your relationship chaos & Sexual blocks to embrace an epic life of deeper connection.


As a Certified and Licensed Erotic Blueprint Coach and Intuitive Heart Healer, I fiercely and compassionately hold sacred space to help you tune into, reclaim and reawaken your full access to erotic pleasure for yourself and/or your partner(s).


Husband, Father, Romantic, Empath, Healer, Educator, Hockey Player, Nature Lover, Dog Owner, and last but not least Energetic Shapeshifter! I live in Las Vegas with my wife of 21 years, four beautiful daughters, an energetic son, and our 2 dogs named after Jane Austin characters. I'm a certified coach who brings an alchemy of genuine empathy, candor, lightheartedness, and deep cosmic introspection to my clients.


As a Sexual Freedom & Intimacy Coach, Camilla serves both domestic & internationally, helping others uncover, rediscover, & enhance their relationships through various forms of pleasure. As a Christian, servant leader, Camilla is passionate about bridging the gap between spirituality and sexuality, as well as identifying and disrupting patterns that hinder intimacy and true connection in relationships!


Through honesty, humor, and a deep honoring, people come to me to gain clarity, build confidence and build a life committed to purpose and pleasure.


Elizabeth Ann Cunningham is a Love & Life Coach. She received her degree in Political Science and Gender & Sexuality in 2011. After graduating she made programs, trainings and lead talks at her local Domestic Violence Center for 3 years. She determined to switch her focus from helping people out of unhealthy relationships and rather teach them how to get into healthy ones and started coaching people one on one in 2016. She received her coaching certification in the Erotic Blueprints in 2021.


Genevieve (she/her) is an Erotic Expert, Best-Selling Author, Founder of The Orgasmic Arc™ and Erotic Blueprint™ Master Trainer. With over 15 years of experience ranging from professional domination to sexual trauma healing, she can take any couple from sexless and disconnected to juicy, connected sex in just a few hours. Her transformational workshops and 1:1 containers have gifted thousands of people with sexual freedom and bliss. If you're looking for true satisfaction, look no further, Genevieve is THE coach for you.


Jay has been a massage therapist for 30 years and knows the nuances of touch; she loves helping people feel better and more alive. After experiencing sexual assault in her 30’s and fighting her way back to mental and emotional balance, Jay knows how living with trauma and disability can affect your life-force and your ability to love and trust. She also has experienced depression for many years and knows how mental challenges can affect your ability to live fully and love open heartedly.


Connecting you to WILDER INTIMACY! As a certified sex (and trauma-informed) coach and life coach who grew up in a very conservative religious home, I love reconnecting people to become free in their pleasure and their purpose, so they can live in true joy and fulfillment.


Paul Paiva, M.Div., M.A., is a former Roman Catholic priest trained in pastoral counseling, spiritual direction, and is an Enneagram Instructor and Wedding Entertainer/Officiant. He is a practicing Christian who is sex-positive, LGBTQ-embracing, Poly-friendly, Kink-friendly, and believes in the autonomy of women’s reproductive rights.


I help couples overcome sexual differences/incompatibilities, connect deeper, and have a hot and passionate sex life where you're BOTH fulfilled. Whether you’re in a new relationship or married for decades with children, you can create lasting passion and reignite the sexual spark of your relationship.